Giving the words a final polish

If you wish me to proofread your writing, I will be:

  • checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • checking consistent use of already correctly-spelt words (such as —ise or —ize endings, and —t or —ed endings; such as southeast or south-east or south east)
  • checking capital letters are used consistently and correctly
  • checking numbers are presented consistently
  • checking fonts are used consistently
  • checking page numbers
  • checking quotes are referenced
  • checking illustrations and figures are in the right place, and labelled correctly
  • checking your organisation's house style has been applied correctly, if it has one

Projects using this service

Curriculum resources for Sustrans

I copy-edited written curriculum resources for both pupils and teachers.

Part of the task was to impose internal consistency on the written English, as different members of staff had written different parts.

I then arranged for Welsh translation, and proofread the Welsh against the original English.

Sustrans is the UK's national sustainable transport charity.

What my clients say

Many thanks for your help and for doing such a great job in a short space of time.

Programme Development Officer for Education and Young People

Corporate plan for Natural Resources Wales

I was commissioned to proofread the English text of its 2014–17 Corporate Plan.

I then proofread the English and Welsh texts side by side, to make sure both languages said the same thing. Differences could have been highly embarrassing, especially for a government body.

Natural Resources Wales is the largest Welsh Government Sponsored Body.