Which service best matches your project?

Different services may be relevant at different developmental stages of a text.

Giving the words a final polish

If you wish me to proofread your writing, I will be:

  • checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • checking consistent use of already correctly-spelt words (such as —ise or —ize endings, and —t or —ed endings; such as southeast or south-east or south east)
  • checking capital letters are used consistently and correctly
  • checking numbers are presented consistently
  • checking fonts are used consistently
  • checking page numbers
  • checking quotes are referenced
  • checking illustrations and figures are in the right place, and labelled correctly
  • checking your organisation's house style has been applied correctly, if it has one

Pulling a text together at a draft stage

If you wish me to copy-edit your text, I will be:

  • making sure the text hangs together and is internally consistent
  • making sure the level of language is appropriate for its target audience
  • making sure the text is the right length for the job
  • making sure page numbers, headings, sub-headings, footnotes, references, and the running headers and footers on each page are all present and correct
  • making sure the contents page matches the section headings, and that headings and sub-headings help readers' understanding
  • suggesting minor re-wording, to make the language easier to read or to avoid ambiguity
  • suggesting structural improvements, if needed
  • suggesting possible improvements for communicating facts, for example, where a block of text could perhaps be replaced by an illustration or figure, or a hyperlink to another web page
  • flagging up anything that seems unclear
  • flagging up where there appear to be bits missing from the text
  • flagging up any obvious factual mistakes or dubious statements
  • flagging up any obvious copyright, moral or libel issues
  • and carrying out all the checks included in the proofreading list

Presenting text in a certain style, e.g. shorter, simpler, or suitable for the web

If you wish me to re-write your English text, I will be following your brief as to how your existing text needs altering to suit its new purpose.

Turning raw information into logical and fluent text

If you wish me to write some text or web content in English using information you have already sourced, I will be following your brief as to its intended audience, style of language, house style, length, etc.