Terms and conditions

So that we both know where we stand, please confirm that you accept my terms and conditions. If anything is not clear, please ask. The person accepting these terms and conditions has to do so in writing and, if acting on behalf of an organisation, be authorised.

1. Definitions
‘Job’ means each piece of work commissioned by you and ‘service’ is the treatment you require for your text, as defined on the services page of the Sue Proof website. If the treatment you require for your text does not fall tidily into one of my services, you will need to provide me with a brief for the job.

2. Agreement of terms
Before starting a job you and I will agree, and confirm in writing:

  • the service to be provided, or a brief
  • the date for the delivery of the job to me (or dates, if it is to come in instalments)
  • how the job will arrive with me (i.e. on paper or digitally and, if digital, which file format)
  • how my suggested changes to the text will be presented to you
  • an estimate of the time required to complete the work based on a typical sample of the text; note that this timetable includes time spent on ancillary tasks (e.g. assimilating the brief and writing up queries arising from the job)
  • the date(s) for delivery of the completed job to you
  • how the job will be delivered back to you
  • the proposed fee for the job in the form of a quote, exclusive of any discount which may subsequently be given
  • which expenses (if any) are to be borne by you (e.g. courier, postage, travel to meetings).

3. Timetable slippage
If your delivery of the job to me is delayed to the extent that this will have an impact on the timetable we have scheduled, I will try and reschedule timings to our mutual agreement. I reserve the right to cancel the job if it is delivered to me too late to fulfil without impacting on other jobs.

4. Fees
Once the fee for a job has been agreed it is non-negotiable and not subject to change except if:

  • I decide to offer you a discount and you accept it
  • the quality or standard of writing in the overall text is significantly different from that of the sample provided, in which case I will provide you with a revised quote (and maybe timetable) if I accept the additional work involved
  • you decide to extend the scope of the job, in which case I will provide you with a revised quote if I accept the additional work
  • you or I decide to cancel the job.

If you cancel the job and more than one-third has been completed (on the basis of its word count) I reserve the right to invoice for the full amount of the quoted fee. If I cancel the job, I will not invoice for any work completed.

5. Deposits
If the job is relatively large or if it seems likely to be spread out over a considerable time, I require a 25% deposit on the quoted fee in advance of work starting.

6. Payment
The settlement period is within 30 days of the date of the invoice, which will normally be sent to you by email. I do not charge VAT. Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or by BACS. I do not accept payment by PayPal. Payment is to be made in pounds sterling, unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed. Any bank charges for currency transfer will be borne by the client.

7. Interest on overdue invoices
I reserve the right to claim statutory interest at 8% above the Bank of England Base Rate from the date the debt becomes overdue in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, and to claim an additional sum for pursuing the debt as provided for in the 2002 revision of the Act. I retain the copyright in the work until payment has been made in full.

8. Acceptance and complaints
You must confirm within 7 days of the receipt of a completed job that you are happy with it; a non-response will be interpreted as satisfaction. If you have reason to complain, please do so in writing within 7 days of receiving a completed job. Your complaint will be dealt with in a confidential manner, and I will endeavour to resolve things to your satisfaction. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) I am bound by its Code of Practice, and the CEIP has a complaints procedure. As a member of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru (the association of Welsh translators and interpreters), I must adhere to its Code of Professional Conduct.

9. Unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances
In the event of unfortunate circumstances affecting me (e.g. illness, bereavement), I will advise you as soon as possible and also try to provide you with an alternative service provider. If either of us is the victim of extraordinary events beyond our control (e.g. crime, flood, strike), liability and obligation may be cancelled.

10. Insurance and indemnity
I have professional indemnity insurance; robust anti-virus and digital back-up provisions; and use only reputable cloud storage providers. However, the insurance of any original, physical materials whilst they are in my keeping and when in transit between you and me is your responsibility. Although I may draw attention to legal issues (if any) arising from the job (e.g. libel, reproduction of copyright material), you are responsible for these matters.

11. Waiver
If I do not exercise my rights on one occasion, this is not a waiver of my other rights or to enforce my Terms and Conditions in the future.

12. Jurisdiction
I operate within the law prevailing in Wales.

13. Refusal
I reserve the right to refuse to take on any project.

14. Portfolio
I reserve the right to use material written, edited, proofread or translated by me on your behalf in my portfolio, unless you tell me not to. You will provide a complimentary copy of work published in hard copy if I request it. Where work is published on the world-wide web you will advise me of its URL. Where work is published on an intranet, you will provide me with a high-quality printout if I request it.

15. Personal information
I will collect this personal information from you:

  • your name
  • your email address, and maybe a phone number
  • if you become a client, your postal address.

I will not share your contact details without specific authorisation, unless required to do so by law.

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16. Commercial confidentiality
I will not share your confidential commercial information with any third parties, unless required to do so by law; however, you should be aware that some of the cloud services I use are based outside the European Union.

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17. Revisions
From time to time I may change my terms and conditions by updating this page. You should regularly check this page to ensure that you are happy with any changes. The date of the last revision was: 17 December 2020.