Before starting Sue Proof I worked in worlds that were keen on producing reports: the voluntary and public service sectors. Indeed, I used to commission some of those reports.

And then I had to wade through them when they landed.

Less floundering, more flow

Now my main clients are also organisations that produce reports. They want to reduce that wading feeling, and so do I – and I guess you do too.

You’ve done a very thorough job – appreciated.

Publications and Design Manager at Sustrans

Very professional and helpful, and that’s exactly what I need!

Aispire Consulting Ltd

Very pleased with level of service, price and communication with yourself.

Forestry Commission
Not only, but also …

As well as reports and the like, I’ve proofread and/or edited:

  • blog posts
  • curriculum resources
  • exhibition panels
  • novels
  • poetry
  • popular non-fiction books

so that even if your writing isn’t in the form of a report, you can be confident that I have the experience to help you with writing in all its forms.

Sue was vital to the success of this project. She ensured consistent and grammatically correct text. It was a pleasure working with her and I won’t hesitate to again.

exhibition curator
Translation and other writing

Fourteen Welsh to English translations have been commissioned from me by the publishing house Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.

I post occasionally on two blogs:

Saesneg Sue – this is documenting my experience of being selected for Literature Wales’ Mentoring Scheme as an emerging literary translator; being mentored while translating Sian Northey’s first novel, Yn y Tŷ Hwn; searching for a publisher; securing a contract; and going through the process of being published.

’Sgwennu Sue – this is where I post translations and other bits of writing that I do for my own amusement.

Personally, I wouldn’t choose any other translator for my creative work.

owner of Gwasg Carreg Gwalch and author