Solvitur ambulando means ‘it is solved by walking’, and ‘it is solved by practical experiment’. This could be my personal motto, as I’m both a doer and a walker.

People that contact me are as important to me as their projects are to them. Not everyone who starts a conversation ends up using my services, but if I’m able to help you in any other way, I will.

But don’t just take my word for it: here are some spontaneous comments from enquirers and clients over the years.

Very professional and helpful, and that’s exactly what I need!

director of Aispire and author, Aberystwyth, Wales

I congratulate you on the terms and conditions. If all freelancers were as careful and as clear about these, life would be simpler for all concerned.

author, Wheathampstead, England

Thank you so much for sorting that out so quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate in using you again.

Programme Development Officer (Primary), Sustrans, Bristol, England

You’ve done a very thorough job – appreciated.

Publications and Design Manager, Sustrans, Bristol, England

Even the most experienced among us benefits from the eye of an independent proofreader.

owner of Amnis Translation, Wales

Sue’s contribution to this book was special. She didn’t just translate it, she took care to make the language style suit the text and the book’s readership. This isn’t just technique: it needs an instinct for language to achieve this.

owner of Gwasg Carreg Gwalch and author, Llanrwst, Wales

I am happy taking on interesting new challenges. As well as doing the sorts of work highlighted on the projects page, I’ve been commissioned to adapt Welsh poetry into English and to transcribe a hand-written eighteenth-century diary. At the time I had no track record in these fields. However, the clients’ demands were fulfilled and they gave me further work. I continue to translate Welsh into English as a sideline. My translations are on my writing blog, ’Sgwennu Sue, categorised as ‘Welsh poetry in English’.

For those who like to know a little background, I live on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park, within sight of Snowdon and the sea. I started my career as a map-maker and then did a degree in Rural Resource Management. Until 2008 I worked in the public and voluntary sectors, doing environmental and community work.

I decided to work freelance to reduce my carbon footprint, rather than driving to an office and telling other people about reducing theirs. So now I work from home and, since setting up Sue Proof, 62% of my 9,000-mile business mileage has been by public transport.